Marketing Online

The power of social media.

We took on this project in the early stage before it was launched, and accompany it throughout its evolution, building a digital presence and creating brand awareness. Through personalised designs and engaging copywriting, the Instagram account is focused on building a network of high-value and relevant followers to drive traffic to the ecommerce and boost sales.


Unique and personal products.

Through photo montage and editing, we create customised images to showcase the products on the different marketing channels to represent the brand through a realistic, human and trustworthy approach, balanced with a creative and inspirational style.

Influencers & marketing

Instagram and YouTube.

We carry out a diversity of initiatives with influencer marketing as a strength to create a sense of community amongst followers.


Design, management and writing.

We create the editorial calendar and write valuable articles in English and Spanish. We manage the CMS and upload the articles to the website on a weekly basis, as well as promoting them through the different marketing channels.


Exclusivity lies in the details.

We write and design personalised guides and bruchures that are printed and phisically included in each box, providing customers with valuable information about feminine health.