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Bob’s your uncle Giving Back

If you haven’t had the fortune of knowing Bob’s your uncle, let us say in simple terms that we are a digital agency that provides 360° services around any brand in need of an online presence. However, if you are not a brand, but a regular lad or gal who has no related interest really to digital services, this agency could appear most certainly irrelevant. But what if the agency was more than just its services? What if the agency was a vehicle of impactful, social change in both its local community and on a global scale?

Those particular questions are what the agency posed itself when it underwent rebranding. There was no doubt that we would continue creating great content. Great campaigns. Great strategy. Yet, as people who had contributed to social causes throughout childhood and adult years, we wanted to use our knowledge and skills to do something even greater, that is, to begin shaping a culture in Barcelona that inspires followers and the community to tap into that inherent desire to help others and truly make a difference.

Helping the Homeless

In late October 2018, Bob’s your uncle agency teamed up with ITACATE Café in Sant Antoni district in Barcelona to launch its first-ever solidarity campaign entitled #Findapurpose to help the homeless community. As it stands, there are approximately 3,500 homeless people in Barcelona; the winter season experiences a dramatic drop in temperatures at night and many homeless people are without blankets or jackets.

The campaign aimed to encourage Barcelona residents to gather their unused blankets, jackets, coats and sleeping bags to donate to homeless people during a two-day donation drive.


Given the values and demographics of ITACATE Café’s social media following, the agency created a video in English (with Spanish subtitles), alongside with campaign photos under the hashtag #findapurpose to promote the solidarity initiative.

Creating #FindAPurpose

3 foto manta        homeless man           

The conceptualisation of the #Findapurpose stems from a simple observation made: it is not uncommon to find many unused jackets or blankets lying around in closets or on sofas, collecting dust. But what if we were able to find a [more practical] purpose for those items of fabric and help those most in need?                                                                 

Similarly, we centred the campaign around #findapurpose in order to touch upon a more emotional undertone, which is to find a [personal] purpose and encourage reflection about why it matters to give back to the community.  

Using the swipe feature found in Instagram, we posted two images (similar to before and after) to drive both the message of the campaign, as well as the implications of one simple donation. 

Collaborating with Foodie Influencers

What made the campaign extremely successful and helped spread word of the initiative was our amazing collaboration with Barcelona’s top foodie influencers, including @barcelonafoodexperience (with more than 70,000 followers) who decided to help us run an Instagram Takeover during the first day of the drive.  

Foodie Influencers Barcelona

As a whole, foodie influencers took a great liking to the cause, shared the agency’s social media content with their followers and even created their own Instagram story videos to promote the cause. All reposts and campaign promotions were stored in instagram Highlights - Solidarity in order to remember the positive impact of influencers, followers and the community as a whole. 

Campaign Results

The #Findapurpose donation campaign galvanised the Barcelona community, with more than 200 blankets, jackets and sleepings bag being donated in two complete days. The agency gathered all winter items and passed it along to Fundació Arrels, a Barcelona-based organisation dedicated to helping the homeless community in the Catalan capital.  Additionally, social media feedback was extremely positive, with more than 700 views of the video, 250 comments and many requesting that a similar campaign take place next year, but even bigger.

Challenge accepted.

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