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Bob’s your uncle agency undergoes major rebranding with new website and social media. Here's the inside scoop on the fresh, bold look from company founder.


Barcelona, Spain - 12th of November, 2018 - Bob’s your uncle digital agency is undergoing major rebranding only after little more than a year of its birth. Clara Masip Baugh, founder and CEO of the agency, explains the reasons behind the name choice and complete look overhaul as the end of the year approaches.


Why the name? Who’s Bob?

(Laughs) Even though my mother is British, and my family is all over the world, I do not have any uncle named Bob. In fact, Bob’s your uncle is a typical British expression meaning 'easy peasy’ or ‘as simple as that!'. It dates back to 1887 when the then Prime Minister Robert Cecil 'Bob', aka Lord Salisbury, decided to name his nephew Arthur Balfour, Chief Secretary of Ireland.

When I was thinking about what name to give the agency, I kept coming back to Bob’s your uncle. One of our core features is the element of creativity blended with our reputable linguistic savviness. An idiomatic expression such as Bob’s your uncle taps into that value and in reality, says it all…. In today’s world, if you have a good digital strategy, Bob’s your uncle, your success is guaranteed.


But isn’t the name a bit too difficult to pronounce or dare to say, unrecognisable for non-native English speakers?

You know, it’s funny that you raise that point because that actually segues into some of the core rebranding choices that we made. The name in itself doesn’t scare us whatsoever. However, at the same time, we quickly became aware of the possible lack of intelligibility of the expression and sought to make impactful changes that would not compromise the raison d’être of the o company and was balanced in terms of visual appeal. So, we approached the rebranding in a way that focused primarily around the name BOB.

Not only would it be so much easier to pronounce and remember, but it would give us some room space to have fun in terms of website conceptualisation and overall rebranding.


Could you explain a little bit more?

Oh, of course. (winks)

So, let’s take the name alone. Bob. It may only be one syllable, but it carries this almost, certain gravitas that piques your interest to discover who is this Bob? And better yet, why is Bob in Barcelona and I’m here in the office. (chuckles)

It’s right then, when Bob’s your uncle, as this up-and-coming digital agency, works its magic and shows what we’re all about.

In terms of design and aesthetics, we decided to transfigure the  ‘O’ in the name to draw attention to both our 360º approach, as well as our ability to adapt to any project or client. It’s quite interactive, really....when visitors check out the Bob’s your uncle ‘s website, they can spend a good time stretching out the “O” in all directions but without actually breaking form--a kind of analogy to our constant flexibility to what is an ever-changing digital world.  


Tell us more about the colour and font choice for the agency. What was the thinking process behind it?

Well, we chose to go with a modern, bold San Serif font, as well as with an eclectic Pantone Blue and Pantone 169 C--which for those who do not know, is a salmon-like pink colour.  And honestly, the thinking process behind these rebranding decisions are simple.

We wanted the colours and font to reflect the digital agency’s dynamic, resolute and professional presence found across all industries. At the same time, we wanted to reveal the personality of the company, that is, the people working there who are human, real and honest.

Let’s just say that every decision was given much thought, and to play off of another idiomatic expression, the devil is in the detail.


All of this just sounds amazing! Last and final question—because we are just dying to know—why the rebranding after only one year?

Because in just one year, we’ve grown a lot, taking on a fresher, stronger identity. Also, as good creatives, we are constantly striving for absolute perfection. Truth be told,  the initial website was created in short time due to a sudden surge in demand, and while the first image was a good start, we’ve been able to better define our essence with more time, resources and brainstorming on our side.

This new identity is cleaner, bolder and highlights our adaptability and innate savoir-faire necessary to embrace the constant challenges and changes occuring in the digital world.

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