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Once upon a time, at the beginning of all beginnings, there was a King named Content.

King Content built a kingdom based on communication, in which people would only trust what they saw, heard or read. These people were finicky, they only obeyed Content’s messages when they were unique, consistent and valuable.

Suddenly the world was transformed by a powerful source called The Internet that changed the way people thought and behaved. Like that, the kingdom grew bigger and bigger and people became increasingly skeptical, cautious and distrustful.

The Internet allowed everyone to go global, it became a new world full of incredible possibilities. However, it also came with a ton of new rules and tricks that kept changing constantly and if not well used the repercussions were catastrophic.

A force named Google swept in and took over the kingdom ruling it all through a powerful source called SEO.

Agencies and organizations started to appear to help both consumers and companies get through this revolution; but sadly, many brands were stubborn and didn’t survive.

Finally, in a world that has grown to house 7,6 million people, each one with different needs and customs, the digital agency ‘Bob’s your uncle’ flew in on its magic carpet with the mission to perpetrate King Content’s legacy.

Like this, King Content has become immortal and thanks to Bob’s your uncle,  Google, brands and everyone else, happily coexist and peacefully communicate in a world where Content’s powers will always prevail.

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