Born in the heart of Barcelona, hub for technology and innovation, Bob’s your uncle is a unique digital agency offering 360º services around any brand in need for an online presence.

Through innovative designs and impeccable writing, SEO best practices and multilingual resources, this full-rounded agency offers a wide range of services that cause a real impact on both users and your brand. Because let's face it, in today's world, a bad product with good content will triumph over a great product with bad content.

We are a versatile team backed by solid expertise with the vision and resources to adapt to the small, the big, the local and the global. No challenge is too great.

Let us help you make your great brand memorable and conquer the online world.



Clara Masip Baugh

Founder & CEO

With a multicultural DNA and family all over the globe, Clara has lived and breathed the importance of language, culture and communication since birth. A graduate in Graphic Design and Advertising, with over 10 years of experience in digital content, Clara works hard towards her strong vision of making a real impact on the digital life of brands around the world; this vision is called Bob's your uncle.


Madalina Garbea

Art Director

With a background in fine arts and an analytical mind, she travelled from the peaceful landscapes of Transylvania to the bustling beaches of Barcelona to breathe emotion into motion and render ideas visually-appealing. Her signature is an eye for clean aesthetics and a heart for impactful design. Meet the one-and-only Mada, our lead graphic designer.


Anthony Armenta

Marketing Manager

From sun-kissed California to bubbly Barcelona, Anthony bursts unto every project with fresh ideas and a wide ol´ grin. Planning, patience and a bit of perspiration mark both the brands he works with and his path in life. Meet Anthony, or as some Spanish friends call him, Antonio, our marketing manager.


The world is complicated, with infinite options and constant changes all around, it’s so easy to get lost. Every interaction can become a meaningful relationship, or fade into oblivion.

Be phenomenal or be forgotten.

Here’s where we come in, to help you find your way and stand out. We have the vision and tools you need to innovate and honour your users by evoking feelings and conveying emotions.

Empathy. Utility. Analysis. Love.

Everyone can become extraordinary. We create, you thrive! In other words… Embrace the power of digital and skyrocket your business.

What’s your brand missing? Bob’s your uncle.

But what does ‘Bob’s your uncle’ mean?

Let us go back in time to 1887, when, in a blatant case of favoritism, British Prime Minister Robert Cecil, also known as Lord Salisbury, decided to appoint his nephew Arthur Balfour to the prestigious and sensitive post of Chief Secretary for Ireland. Bit cheeky, don’t you think? People thought so too, and from then on 'Bob’s Your Uncle' became a way of saying “easy peasy” or "as simple as that".

It has since then become a common expression used as a response in a conversation expressing compliance, meaning “and that’s that, everything's alright".

In conclusion, if you have a good digital strategy, Bob's your uncle, your success is guaranteed!